Can you really get a wood garage door for your home? Artisan makes it possible

Most people like the look and feel of a real wood garage door, but many feel that a wood garage door might be out of their price range. Artisan Custom Doorworks, based in Morgantown, PA, have created their Medallion Series hand-crafted wood doors with options for a wide variety of budgets, with an array of options that includes paintable wood doors to exotic wood species.

What we like about Artisan and how they approached this door is that they didn't create an entry-level line. The Medallion series is their signature series, which means they build all the doors - regardless of options - with the same quality and standards. So the paintable wood option - which is the entry point option - has the same frame stile and rail construction as higher-end options. If these doors were cars, it would mean that the drivetrain is the same, regardless of the packages you choose. So you know you have a solid foundation.


The most important option for this door is whether you want a door that you can paint or a door that you can stain. A paintable wood garage door will be painted just like a wood house, using high-quality exterior-grade oil or latex paint. If you choose a stain-grade option, you can select what wood species you will want for the door. Artisan can apply a factory-finish stain, or you can opt to have a door made and delivered unfinished.

Wood species.

Artisan uses four standard wood species, though you can specify a wood species of your choice and they can accommodate based on the type and dimensions of the door. Here are their four standard wood species:

Red grandis. A versatile, fast-growing hardwood that is relatively uniform in color with slight variations from pale to medium pink. It is similar in hardness, density and grain texture to mahogany and cherry. The heartwood is durable and resistant to insects, with durability and dimensional stability similar to cherry or hard maple.

Sapele mahogany. This wood grows in large sections of western and central Africa and is very similar to mahogany. This wood species used for the back and sides of acoustic guitar bodies, as well as the bodies of electric guitars.

Spanish cedar. A lightweight relative of Mahogany. Most widely known for its use in cigar boxes, it holds in moisture to create a natural humidor and imparts its pleasant aroma to cigars.

Western red cedar. Historically, native peoples of the Pacific Northwest have prized western red cedar for its long-lasting qualities and therefore used it for most of their building needs.

Panel options

There are many panel options available, and we've listed the popular ones below. You can go to Artisan's website to view more.

Beadboard. Beadboard cladding has a routered “bead” edge on one side and beveled edge on the other. Placed tightly together via a tongue and groove, they create a decorative profile as seen below. This comes in a straight up-and-down or positioned as herringbone (45-degree angle).

V-Groove. V-groove planks have a chamfered edge, that when fit together, via a tongue-and-groove joint, results in a V-shape in-between the boards. These are Tricoya wood-based composite panels for paintable doors. This is also available straight up-and-down or positioned as herringbone.

Flush Tongue-and-Groove. Unlike the Beadboard and v-groove, this has a smooth profile, giving a sublter line than those other two options.

Flat panels. A solid, single panel that provides a clean look to the overall door finish.

Raised panels. You see raised panels in kitchen cabinets and home doors, and they're also available in garage doors. For a stained option there are solid wood species available, and for paintable options there is Extira raised paneling by Jeld-Wen.

Decorative Trim Boards

Above the main panels, trim boards are applied to the door. As a true custom wood garage door, there are many trim upgrade options to choose from.


Door jambs. Matching wood species door jambs and casings are an available option, allowing you to tie together the overall look of your garage door.

Hardware. Hand-forged strap hinges, pull handles and latches in black powder coated finishes. Available in heavier-duty ¼” thickness, or lighter-weight 3/16”. There is also an aluminum option available for doors exposed to the seacoast. They have the same high-quality, black-powder coated finish. You can view more options on the Artisan site.

Window glass options. The standard window glass is 1/8” thick Double Strength Clear glass. You can also select other glass options, such as Glacier glass, Hammered glass, Seeded glass, and frosted glass. Artisan will even work with their suppliers or yours to source other glass options. See glass options on the Artisan site.

Door stops and seals. Reduce drafts and water infiltration with a doorstop and seals. Door stops come in a variety of materials and finishes, and the weather seal can be selected to coordinate with your door finish and house trim colors. Learn about door stops on the Artisan site.