The look of wood, using low-maintence modern composite garage door construction

If you have seen Artisan's wood garage door - the Medallion - the Rhapsody series is its modern cousin. This wood-look, low maintenance garage door uses composite overlay boards molded in the subtle textures and patterns of Sapele Mahogany wood (the wood used in the Medallion). These boards are milled with beveled edges to add the same detail that Artisan uses in there wood doors.

This garage door is a high-performer built with a sturdy steel frame and faced with composite, a material that resists moisture, cracking, insects and decay. This garage door requires minimal upkeep, and = because the material is ligher weight that other garage door materials - it won't put as much strain on springs other garage door hardware. The lighter construction also makes lifting easier for your garage door opener, potentially lengthening the working life of your opener.

Factory Finishes

In addition to a factory applied Designer White, there are ten faux-stain finishes that create the look of wood without the maintenance of real wood:
Artisan Rhapsody color options

Benefits of composite

  • You get the authentic look of wood using a material that does not rot
  • It is made from water-based, environmentally friendly products
  • Easier to paint than wood - can be painted with any high quality, 100% acrylic latex exterior paint
  • Lower maintenance over the life of the product
  • Comes to you with factory primed, will not peel or crack
  • Can withstand the high temperatures from sun exposures on surfaces facing south and/or west as well as from dark paint finishes

There are some nice thermal features of this door, including foam insulation (R-value of 9) and special heat-reflective finishes that minimize solar heat gain, making them a great choice for beach, lakefront, and coastal locations.


  • Double-sided core frame is 24 gauge steel
  • Composite overlay face boards are mechanically-fastened together for weather tight joints, and bonded to the steel core frame
  • Foam insulation provides an R-Value of 9 and noise dampening
  • Bright white interior steel panels
  • Double strength clear glass is standard on windows
  • Square kerf accentuates the look of a swing, trifold or bifold door
  • Bottom molding aluminum with rubber seal to help prevent drafts and moisture
  • Window grilles are composite, interlock together with the sub-frame and have milled beveled edges
  • Hidden fastening creates a clean, mark-free exterior surface

Panel, trim, and other options

Top Section Upgrade Options:

  • Insulated, Tempered or Specialty glass
  • Arch Top, Artisan Standard radius with simulated divided lites or solid top (no glass)
  • Custom Arch Top with simulated divided lites or solid top (no glass)
  • For more information about your window options go to Design Elements – the About Lites tab

Panel Options & Upgrades include:>

  • V-groove panels
  • Flat panels
  • Raised recessed panels
  • Unique to our Rhapsody series of doors, the Raised recessed panel is an Artisan solution to providing the elegance of a raised panel-look for our doors
trim board options