Symphony Series cellular vinyl carriage house garage doors

Artisan is well known for creating hand-made wooden doors. But wood doors - even the finest made - require a special type of care. Realizing this, Artisan created a hand-made door, but instead of using wood, they made the door out of modern cellular vinyl. The result is the Symphony Series. Expertly built by hand, Symphony is constructed using precision-milled cellular vinyl face boards and insulated steel framing to create the perfect blend of detailing, durability and thermal-effciency.

  • Wood-like appearance of cellular vinyl face and trim boards
  • Profiled edge trim, panel, and window details
  • Frame overlay is precision-milled with profiled edges to add elegant detailing
  • Excellent durability and impact resistance - won't warp or rot
  • EasyCare finish in Designer White standard or custom light colors
  • Easily customized to meet your design needs
  • Standard and custom door sizes available

This door is available in swing, bifold, and trifold styles. Standard (7, 8, or 9 feet) and custom sizes are available.

Artisan's multi-step factory finish - a designer white - seals and protects while creating a surface that's easy to care for. Custom color matching is also available to achieve the right look for your home.

Vinyl makes for a truly easy and low-maintenance garage door, providing security against rotting, rusting, denting and splitting. It’s simple to clean and comes in many different style options. Vinyl doors are a proven option for anyone looking for fashionable yet low-maintenance door material.

Finish Options

Thee is a factory-applied EasyCare Designer White paint finish included in the base price of the Symphony Series. There are also custom EasyCare finishes available. Factory-applied custom colors are formulated with heat-reflective paint that is designed specifically for vinyl. We can color match any color sample you provide from any manufacturer, providing that the color’s LRV is 60 or greater.