High Insulation Helps You Control Cooling and Heating Loss

Did you know that nonrefrigerated warehouses in the U.S. use an average of 6.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and 13,400 Btu of natural gas per square foot - annually.

For a 40,000 square foot shipping and receiving dock, that's over $48,000 per year.

Don't let your overhead doors be the cause for increased operating costs. General Door's Weather Breaker Model 175 is designed to help keep your building more energy efficient. Whether your facility is a cold storage warehouse - which averages 24.9 kWh per sq foot anually - or a heated manufacturing plant, you need to keep the space at a consistent target temperature.

For overhead doors, this means you need as airtight and insulated a construction as you can get. This will help you keep those consistent temps, allowing you to save enery and money.

Additionally, the unique construction of the Weather Breaker Model 175 results in benefits beyond a high insulation factor.


  • High insulation value of R=16.4
  • CFC 11 free polyurethane foam core
  • Thicker than a 2x4 - 1 3/4" thick
  • 25 gauge embossed exterior skin
  • Thermal break between exterior and interior skins
  • Continuous reinforcing strip for hardware attachment

High strength-to-weight ratio.

  • A solid feel to every section
  • A quiet, smooth operation
  • A very high strength-to-weight ratio

All this adds up to a quick payback with the Weather Breaker; not only in energy savings and low maintenance, but in the daily operational benefits of using the best.